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ActionTec InternetPhoneWizard


ActionTec Internet Phone Wizard
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Author: Hardware One
Date of review: 02-May-2000
Type Of Review: Press


Revolutionary PC Accessory Combines the Convenience and Similar Quality of Ronventional Telephones with the World-Wide Reach and Cost Savings of the Internet

SUNNYVALE, CA (May 1, 2000) -- Helping spell the end of long distance charges by combining the cost savings of Internet telephony with the freedom, ease-of-use and similar voice quality of conventional telephones, Actiontec Electronics, Inc., a leading manufacturer of data communication products, today announced the InternetPhoneWizard™.

The InternetPhoneWizard offers an unprecedented combination of features that make Internet calling easier and better than ever. InternetPhoneWizard lets callers continue to use their favorite wired or portable telephones. To use the InternetPhoneWizard callers simply pick up the phone and dial just as they always have to place a long distance call for the price of a local call! The sound quality can be so clear that users may not even know they are speaking over the Internet.

Unlike conventional Internet telephony products, the flexible InternetPhoneWizard is compatible with most ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers), including deltathree.com, dialpad.com, and myfreeld.com. InternetPhoneWizard users simply launch the ITSP best suited for their particular needs, then easily place calls to conventional telephones or directly to PCs anywhere in the world. Users of the InternetPhoneWizard can even take special advantage of Actiontec’s partnership with deltathree.com to get free calls in the United States and Canada, and highly reduced rates on international calls.

By using the InternetPhoneWizard, callers can use the same phone to place either conventional analog calls or Internet phone calls. For callers who use a broadband connection to the Internet like DSL or have two phone lines in their home, the InternetPhoneWizard will allow them to easily switch back and forth between calls by simply hitting the # key twice. This is made possible by using Actiontec’s patent-pending I-Phone Switch Technology. Callers will know which mode the InternetPhoneWizard is in by simply picking up the phone and listening to the dial tone.

“InternetPhoneWizard is a total long distance solution for the entire family or small office. Combined with Actiontec’s modems and home networking products, InternetPhoneWizard clearly positions Actiontec as the leading provider of home and small office Internet communication solutions,” stated Dean Chang, president for Actiontec. “The InternetPhoneWizard combines the audio quality and convenience of conventional telephones with the dramatic cost savings of Internet telephony to reduce costs to as little as four cents per minute on International calls.”

The InternetPhoneWizard is also compatible with Actiontec’s Call Waiting Modem. Callers that have both an Actiontec Call Waiting Modem and an InternetPhoneWizard will be notified of an incoming call while they are online. Using the call waiting service available on most telephone systems, the modem monitors the phone line for incoming voice calls while the user is online. The user is notified when a call comes in, and has the option of ignoring the incoming voice call or picking up the phone to take the call.

The plug-and-play InternetPhoneWizard is available in both USB and PCI card versions for maximum installation flexibility. Once installed, users simply plug their conventional phone into the InternetPhoneWizard, then dial the number they wish to call directly from their phone.

Advanced echo-canceling technology and linear audio support team up to make Internet calls sound similar to conventional telephone calls. The InternetPhoneWizard supports dial-up, DSL, Cable, and ISDN connections. The PCI InternetPhoneWizard will be compatible with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE and Windows 2000. The USB InternetPhoneWizard will be compatible with Windows 98 and Windows 98 SE immediately, followed by support for Windows 2000 on June 15, 2000. The InternetPhoneWizard requires a Pentium or higher computer with 16 MB RAM and a CD-ROM drive, an analog telephone, and a LAN or modem-based Internet connection. The InternetPhoneWizard comes with InternetPhoneWizard Communications Software, and bonus software.

The USB InternetPhoneWizard is scheduled for release May 15, 2000 with an MSRP of $99.95. The PCI InternetPhoneWizard is scheduled for release June 15, 2000 with an MSRP of $79.95.

About Actiontec
Actiontec Electronics, Inc. is a significant global player in the data communications marketplace. The company’s product line includes a complete line of Internet Telephony, DSL and Analog Modems, Home Networking products, and Ethernet cards. Actiontec products have been recognized with a Best of Show award at Retail Xchange, Editors Choice awards from CNET's computers.com, homePCnetwork.com, and Computer Retail Week and Top 100 Products of the Year from Home Office Computing and Computer Shopper. Actiontec products are available through national distribution, retail outlets, and Actiontec’s online store as well as through private label and OEM relationships. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, and maintains branch offices in Arlington, VA; Irvine, CA; The Netherlands and Taiwan. For more information, phone 408-752-7700, fax 408-541-9003, or visit http://www.actiontec.com.

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