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Planar Speaker Revisited & Being Flat Is Sexy?
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NXT: Flattering or “Flat”-tening Audio?


Benwin BW2000 Speakers Review
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Author: wymun
Date of review: 29-April-2000
Type Of Review: Miscellaneous

Planar Speaker Revisited
Just 3 weeks back, Dracon posted his mega-review on the Monsoon MM1000 speakers, delving on its strengths and weaknesses. Now, albeit slightly late, its smaller companion – the Benwin BW2000, steps into the limelight and receives a thorough scrutiny from us at Hardware-One. How does it fare against its bigger friend (also based on NXT technology)? After extensive and intense listening, I’ve finally firmed up my stance regarding its audio applicability.

The elongated packaging reflects just how small the setup actually is...

Being Flat Is SEXY?
From the advent of flat-panel NXT speakers (for an elaborate backgrounder, check out Dracon’s mini-thesis here), its designers have touted how it would revolutionize and convert the audio industry to its use. As an added justification, a search for NXT information over countless websites revealed nothing but praise regarding its technological prowess. With its modern looks and space conserving practicality, as long as its audio delivery neared conventional speaker quality, take-up rate should be high.

Admittedly, I’m a skeptic of flat-panel technology, as I just can’t imagine how a flat slab of metal could reproduce sound anywhere near its volumetric counterparts? Hence, it was with much anticipation that I hooked up the Benwins to compare with my existing Denon Hi-Fi Amp cum Phillips speaker setup …

But before exploring is audio capabilities, let’s marvel at its aesthetics:

Front View of Flat-Panel Satellite Speaker

Back View of Flat-Panel Satellite Speaker

For once, being flat-“chested” is ostensibly sexy, but you tell me??!!

Now why can’t the Sub-woofer mimic the design of its twin-satellites sisters?

Obviously, with a system as compact as this, adapting to most PC desktop environments isn’t an issue. Also the thin design certainly looks more classy and sophisticated than my cumbersome 2-way Phillips speaker system. The sub-woofer is also small enough to be non-intrusively tucked away at a corner. So really, unless you’re adverse against the contemporary look, its elegant design should please most by far…

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