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IWill SIDE Pro66 Review
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Author: kai ping
Date of review: 27-April-2000
Type Of Review: Miscellaneous


The IWill SIDE Pro 66 (Pro66) is an IDE controller card which provides Ultra DMA66 support for up to 4 compliant IDE devices.

With i820 and VIA Apollo Pro 133A based motherboard providing native UDMA66 support, does such a product still have a place in the sun?

  • With the i820 and VIA133A both still having performance issues, the lifespan of BX-chipset has been inadvertently extended. The Pro66 provide the UDMA66 support lacking in the BX-chipset.
  • For those of us with more than 4 IDE devices, the Pro66 lets us hook them all up.

Here's what else came in the package:

  • Manual
  • Driver disk
  • ATA66 IDE cable


  • HighPoint HP366 ATA66 controller chip.
  • Two independent IDE channels
  • Ultra DMA66, DMA33 and all PIO mode.
  • 256 bytes FIFO per channels.
  • 32bit/33MHz Bus Master PCI interface.
  • Supports up to 44MHz PCI bus clock.
  • Concurrent PIO and bus master access (ATA mode accessible during DMA transfer.
  • One IDE LED header.

Check out the "official" support for 44MHz PCI bus clock -- handy for CPU overclocking.

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