28th August 2014 

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Table of Contents
ABIT Siluro GF256, Key Features
The Bundle, Drivers
Physical, TV and Digital Flat Panel Output
Test Bench Discussion, Overclocking, Benchmarks Used
Winbench 99, Q3A timedemo
3D Winbench 2000, 3DMark2000
Conclusion and Recommendation


ABIT Siluro GF256
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Conclusion and Recommendation
What I failed to mention thus far is of course the fact the the DDR card can also be overclocked -- and that the Siluro GF256 will not be able to match the performance of an overclocked DDR card. However, this would hardly be fair as the DDR card is at a higher price point.

The outstanding overclocking capabilities of the test card, in particular in the memory speed department provided a boost for this ABIT card to DDR type performance. This is a commendable performance. Depending on the retail price for this card, this could be a good buy for those of us on a budget - or looking for a card to tide over before the release of the next generation graphics cards.

However, make no mistake - ABIT pulled no miracles here. If you have deep pockets, the GeForce DDR cards are still king of the hill.

Special thanks to Convergent Systems Pte Ltd for the test card

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