31st August 2014 

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Blackberry Lite
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Table of Contents
ABIT Siluro GF256, Key Features
The Bundle, Drivers
Physical, TV and Digital Flat Panel Output
Test Bench Discussion, Overclocking, Benchmarks Used
Winbench 99, Q3A timedemo
3D Winbench 2000, 3DMark2000
Conclusion and Recommendation

ABIT Siluro GF256
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ZD Winbench 99

2D performance was flat all round. With the same core and RAMDAC, all the cards post the same scores as neither the core or memory were stretched in 2D tests.

Quake 3 Arena Timedemo
Unsurprisingly, in all tests, the ABIT Siluro GF256 at default speeds provided the same performance as the Creative GeForce.

Demo1, Normal Setting

Demo2, Normal Setting

At default speeds, in 640x480x16 "Normal setting", the Siluro was able to keep pace with the DDR card as memory bandwidth is not the critical path. However, at higher resolutions, the DDR card pulled ahead significantly.

Overclocked at 145/225, the Siluro pulled no punches. At 225MHz memory speed, the Siluro was able to provide sufficient bandwidth to satisfy the 16-bit textures. The higher core speed provided sufficient muscle to power the Siluro ahead of the DDR card at default core speed.

Demo1, Max Setting

Demo2, Max Setting

At default speeds in 32-bit "Max settings", memory bandwidth is important at all resolutions. As a result, the Siluro lagged behind the DDR card. However, overclocked to 145/225, the Siluro was able to keep pace quite respectably with the DDR card. The small gap between the Siluro and the DDR shows memory bandwidth being the critical path.

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