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MSI MS-6309 (VIA Apollo Pro 133A) Review
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Author: kaiping
Date of review: 09-March-2000
Type Of Review: Mainboards

The tale of a VIA Apollo Pro 133A motherboard
To tell you the truth, I went out that afternoon to Sim Lim Square (SLS) without the slightest intention of getting this motherboard. Yes, I was looking for a mate for my FCPGA 550E processor, but the good uncles at SLS did not want to bring in the motherboard that I was looking for. "Margins are too low" quipped the young owner of the 4th floor shop near the escalator. "Unless the distributor brings it in, I'm not going to carry it".

I was on my way out when he shouted after me, "why don't you take the MSI one". "You want AGP4x right? This one is AGP4x also". He tossed me the colourful MSI MS-6309 box:

Now, whoever said packaging is not important. Without the "AGP 4x", "ATA66" and big blue "Coppermine Ready" sticker on the side, I would not have taken a second look. (OK, the cartoons at the back of the box helped.)

I stood there for the longest time looking through the manual.

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