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Dreamcast VGA Box
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Author: boon kiat
Date of review: 11-April-1999
Type Of Review: Games

1. Introduction
I had been reading a lot about how the VGA Box had improved the visuals of the Dreamcast over the Usenet newsgroups, and had been tempted to get one ever since.

What eventually won me over was the fact that it was a full featured breakout box, providing not just the VGA DB15 connectors, but also the following outputs:

There is a switch that allows you to toggle the output between the TV and the PC.

S-video cables for consoles are notoriously expensive and proprietary. You canít just walk into any electronics shop and ask for a Dreamcast/Saturn/PSX S-video cable. But with this VGA Box, I can easily use the S-video cable from my DVD/LD player to hook the Dreamcast up to a nice big TV.

In addition, with the standard AV cables supplied with the Dreamcast, there was no way to de-link the RCA audio and video cables. So there was no way for me to connect up the audio signal to my amp/speakers and the video signal to the TV. The VGA Box provides a convenient way to do so, offering gold-plated RCA connections.

I almost didnít get it because when I popped by Sim Lim Square (an electronics mall in Singapore) a couple of days ago to scout for one, there were none in stock, and ended plonking down S$130 (about US$78) for Segaís Get Bass with pack-in fishing rod controller. But that is the subject of another story.

Anyway, I went back to my regular supplier in the suburbs and was offered such a sweet deal on it, S$105 (US$63) that I just could not resist.

I brought it home and disconnected my Samsung SyncMaster 17GLi and my Desktop Theatre 5.1 (Dolby Digital/Pro-Logic active speaker system from Creative) from my PC and hooked them up to my VGA Box and Dreamcast and started playing all my games on it.

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