27th May 2016 

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The Physics of Soccer
Tell me about the gameplay
Ball shielding and more techniques
Team Selection and Style of Play
Season Play
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FIFA 2000
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Author: les
Date of review: 07-November-1999
Type Of Review: Games

What? Another FIFA game? You gotta be kidding me! Didnít EA Sports just release FA Premier League Stars in August? They sure are churning out soccer games fast these days!

I am a great fan of the FIFA series. Having played all of their soccer games, I am pleased to tell you that almost everything in the game is now top notch! The real improvement in the game however, is in the gameplay, so pay particular attention to that section!

Is it any Good?
Heck yeah! In fact, itís the best soccer game to date. The reason Iím saying Ďto dateí is because history has shown that each new FIFA game is better than itís predecessor. In other words, FIFA 2000 is better than FIFA 99 (which is still a great game mind you!) and I wonít be surprised to see FIFA 2001 going one up over FIFA 2000.

Are you ready to goal?!

Are you ready to score some goals?

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