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Exciting Prelude
Doorstep To Technology
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A Sound Blaster "Live!" Platinum Band
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GeForce/SBLive! Platinum Launch
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Author: wymun
Date of review: 20-October-1999
Type Of Review: Articles/Editorials


Exciting Prelude
Some 2 weeks back, Hardware-One received an official invitation to attend Creative’s launch event of their 2 latest products – the Sound Blaster Live! Platinum (a sound-card that promises to inspire musicians and thrill gamers alike), and the 3D Blaster GeForce 256 (the first retail board of Nvidia’s highly acclaimed and powerful NV10 chip).

Being a fan of PC multimedia in general, I just couldn’t pass off the opportunity to attend this significant event. Creative’s line of Sound Blaster cards has always interested me and finding out more about the GeForce (as I had already bought one in retail and reviewed it previously) was reason enough for me to take leave and head down to the Creative Resource centre on 15 Oct’99. In addition, the thought of meeting my regular Q3 ‘fraggin’ mates at Creative made it even more compelling.

With the rest of the HW1 gang busy at work, I was given the privilege to represent them during the launch. So armed with my neat Olympus C2000Z DC and a notepad, here’re my impressions of the launch…

Cool – now, tell me what you Saw and Heard!!

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