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BM6 review


Issue 2 - Abit BM6 Press Kit
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Author: flashman
Date of review: 12-January-1999
Type Of Review: Flashman's

(Read this or download the .PPT format!)

Basic Instruction
From the great tradition of BX6 and BH6, ABITís latest BM6 was also designed with the Intelís performance 440BX chipset. Added to support Intelís latest CPU specification - Socket 370, BM6 will be the first choice, and the high-end solution for Basic PC segment.

The BM6, as others in ABITís family, supports the most advanced Jumperless technology- SoftMenu IITM which provides ABITís customers the easiest and safest environment to achieve ultimate performance.

BM6 Key Features
BM6 includes the HighPointís newest Xstore Pro utility, which is the MMX Accelerator for Storage and will achieve a higher system performance.
  • Support INTEL Celeron Socket 370 Processor
  • ABIT SoftMenu II
  • Keyboard and Mouse Wake Up
  • Hardware Monitoring
  • Enhanced HDD Driver
  • Expandability

BM6 Hardware Specification
  • Intel 440BX
  • Support 66/100 MHz FSB

  • Supports Intel Socket 370 Celeron Processor

  • Three 168-pin DIMM sockets support SDRAM module Supports up to 768MB MAX. (8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256MB SDRAM)
  • ECC support

System BIOS
  • Award Plug and Play BIOS supports APM, DMI
  • Write-Protect Anti-Virus function by AWARD BIOS
  • Year 2000 Compliant
  • 2 MB bits BIOS

Multi I/O Functions
  • Built-in PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse ports connectors
  • Built-in two USB ports connectors
  • Built-in standard IrDA TX/RX header
  • Built-in Wake on LAN header
  • Built-in SB-Link header

  • ATX form factor
  • One AGP slot, Five PCI slots and Two ISA slots
  • Hardware monitoring Ė Included fan speed, voltages, CPU and system environment temperature.
  • Support Keyboard and Mouse Wake Up

BM6 Board Layout

BM6 Features
  • Supports Intelís new generation Socket Celeronô processors which adopts PPGA (Plastic Pin Grid Array package) 370 pin design.
  • Supports Intel Celeron Processors based on 66 MHz FSB such as 300A3333 3 366 400 MHz.
  • Future feature reserved for Celeron 100 MHz FSB CPU

Soft Menu IITM
  • ABITís patent technology increases the future compatibility and gives the power user a convenient way to adjust CPU settings.
  • SoftMenu IITM setup in BIOS
  • External Clock: 66/75/83/100/105/110/112/115/120/124/133 MHz ( Above 66/100 MHz not guaranteed due to the CPU, PCI and chipset specifications.)
  • Multiplier Factor: 2/2.5/3/3.5/4/4.5/5/5.5/6/6.5/7/7.5/8 (The actual adjustable factor should be based on INTEL CPU specifications.)

  • supports 3 DIMM sockets at 6 Banks capacity reaching 768 MB of system memory.
  • DRAM specifications: PC66 / PC100 SDRAM DIMM; ECC Support; Modules with 8/16/32/64/128/256 MB; DRAM Chip Approved by ABIT: LGS, NEC, HITACHI, MITSUBUSHI, TOSHIBA, FUJITSU, HY, SEC, MICRON, TI, Mosel, Winbond

Keyboard and Mouse Wake Up
  • Keyboard Wake Up: Twelve options (Ctrl-F1 to Ctrl-F12) are available. User can use the Ctrl plus the one of each function key (F1 to F12) to power on the computer.
  • Mouse Wake Up: User can double click the Left or Right Mouse Button to wake up the computer. But only the PS/2 mouse is supported.
  • Power Requirement: Userís ATX power supply 5V standby power should be able to provide at least a 720mA current capacity. Otherwise, the wake up functions may not work.

Hardware monitoring
  • BM6 has integrated Winbond Hardware Monitoring chipset, and provides the Hardware Doctor -- a self-diagnostic system for PC, to monitor the following hardware configuration under Microsoft Windows 95/98.
  • Power Supply Voltage: Provide voltages for different devices such as CPU, Chipset, ISA Bus, PCI Bus
  • Fan Speed: Includes CPU and System fan speed
  • Temperature: Includes CPU and System temperature

High Quality Thermistor
  • In order to provide the accurate hardware temperature, BM6 has built-in two Thermistors to detect CPU and System Environment temperature.
  • BM6 is also equipped with an additional Thermal header, user can buy a 10KW Thermistor to detect any hardware temperature in system.

ATX form factor
  • One AGP slot, Five PCI slots and Two ISA slots
    Supports Advanced Configuration and Power Management Interface (ACPI)
  • Built-in two USB ports connectors
  • Built-in standard IrDA TX/RX header
  • Built-in Wake on LAN header
  • Year 2000 Compliant

BM6 Advantages
By implementing INTEL performance chipset - 440BX AGPset, BM6 has excellent performance under the INTEL new Socket 370 CPU - Celeron family with a combination of Celeron 300A/333/366/400.

Enhanced HDD Driver
  • Xstore Pro, the MMX accelerator for Storage, utilizes the system memory to enhance memory management by working with Windows 95/98.
  • CD Xpress, a CD-ROM drive performance accelerator, buffers CD data from the CD-ROM drive to the hard drive so as to increase performance.
  • ABIT will include Xstore Pro and CD Xpress in every mainboard. These utilities will provide ABITís customer an easy way to achieve higher system performance.

Xstore Pro Performance Comparasion

Test System
  • VGA : TRIPLEX ET6000 (1024X768X256)
  • M/B : AB-BH6
  • OS : MS WINDOWS 98
  • MEMORY : DIMM 32MB X 2.

CD Xpress Performance Comparision

Test System
  • VGA : ATI 3D RAGE 4 MB
  • M/B : AB-BH6
  • OS : MS WINDOWS 98
  • HDD : QUANTUM Fireball 3.2GB
  • CD ROM : Pioneer 32X

  • BM6 was produced by ABIT - The worldís most famous Mainboard Corporation with the most recognition from worldwide magazine editors and Lab testers.
  • The most strict in-house testing through Hardware design team, Approval team and FAE test team.
  • Factory Burn-in: 24 hours
  • Approved by outside test Lab:
    - Intel Lab
    - CE Lab : EMI/EMC/EMS
    - FCC Lab
  • WHQL : Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT
  • Test: Year 2000 Compatible

  • BM6 has great expandability to support future
    INTEL Celeron CPU based on 100 MHz FSB.

AUDIO ( Optional )
  • ABIT has integrated BM6 with ESS Solo-1 PCI Audio for customerís choice.

ESS Solo-1 PCI Audio Controller :
  • Sound Blaster 16 and Microsoft Sound System Compatible
  • Up to 16-bit Stereo 44KHz Sampling Rate, Full Duplex
  • Microsoft PC97/PC98 Compliant
  • Software WaveTable Bundled
  • 3D Audio Effects and ESFM Music Synthesizer

Hardware Approval team cross test

FAE team cross test
  • Over 48 hours of burn-in testing
  • Components: CPUs/ SDRAM modules
  • Add-on Cards: VGA cards/Sound cards/Video cards/LAN cards/SCSI cards/Modem card
  • Storage: FDD/Ultra DMA IDE HDD/SCSI HDD
  • Peripheral: Monitor/Mouse/Keyboard
  • Case/Power Supply
  • OS: Windows 95/98/NT, UNIX

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