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Aztech AMS 5.1 Speakers
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Author: wymun
Date of review: 06-October-1999
Type Of Review: Miscellaneous

Not long ago, my good buddy Wilfred lugged a huge 15kg (or so) box to my place and dumped it at my doorstep. At first I thought it was just another review of one of those branded computers that get all nicely wrapped in a colourful box. However, to my sweet surprise, it turned out to be Aztech’s latest innovation in audio technology – a multi-channel 5.1 speaker system!!

Now, this was what I had been waiting for in ages, as I already had a DVD-ROM setup (with a substantial amount of DVDs) but no decent home-theatre system to test it with as the Creative DTT 2500 is simply out of my range. In addition, I had a SBLive!! Deluxe that was begging for more optimal usage in terms of its SPDIF connectors – so I thought…

Oooh, impressive piece of art, tell me more…

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