28th August 2014 

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Creative Sound Blaster Live!
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I powered up my 2 subwoofers as well as my PC and saw Windows detecting the presence of the card. This was easy. I merely had to point out to Windows that the drivers were residing in \AUDIO\ENGLISH\WIN95DRV directory of the Installation CD.

Click to see enlarged photograph

You'll need some endurance to watch the entire installation of all the utilities and software. It was a long one. The launcher application started one installation after another until it came to a point where I had to restart the PC, marking the end of the software setup.

After rebooting, the Windows start sound was a congratulatory message. It was a success!

What do you get?

  • CakeWalk Express Gold
  • Sonic Foundry Sound Forge XP 4.0
  • Mixman Technologies Mixman Studio
  • Unreal Special Edition
  • Sound Blaster Live! Tour and Demo
  • Creative Launcher
  • Creative AudioHQ
  • Creative Rhythmania
  • Creative WaveStudio
  • Creative Keytar
  • Creative PlayCenter
  • Prody Parrot
  • Dozens of other useful applets

CakeWalk Express Gold
CakeWalk Express Gold is, other than being very complicated, an excellent full featured sequencer. It supports 256 track MIDI and 4 track digital audio sequencing.

Sonic Foundry Sound Forge XP 4.0 and Creative WaveStudio
These are full-featured .WAV recording and editing programs that are both powerful and easy to use. In no time, you will be able to edit your own recorded audio tracks and put in effects like echo, fading, amplification and more. WaveStudio will also allow you to convert your .WAV file into SoundFont.

Mixman Technologies Mixman Studio
Mixman Studio is a .WAV mixing software that will allow you mix any .WAV files and save them as SoundFont banks and MIDI files. Included in the package are pre-recorded sounds from the Mixman Soundisc Library which you can instantly use to create your mixes.

Unreal Special Edition
Umm... This is one hot 3D action game from Epic MegaGames that has been enhanced to take advantage of Creative's Environmental Audio Extensions. More on this later...

Sound Blaster Live! Tour & Demo
Well, you will want to install this just to show off to your friends all the bells and whistles that your card is capable of, since no games supporting EAX has hit the shelves yet.

Creative Launcher
This is a task bar application launcher customised to start all of the Creative stuff. It also holds Environmental Audio presets where you can easily change to suit your listening needs.

Creative AudioHQ
It is a control panel tool that holds all your applets allowing you to tweak every little aspect of the card to your heart's desire. You can add/reduce Reverb, Chorus, Echo, Flanger, Distortion... and change a great deal of other Environmental Audio settings.

Creative Rhythmania
I'm not too familiar with this one but accordingly it's supposed to be an interactive auto-accompaniment program that will let you create your own music by using the preset music sequence.

Creative Keytar
This is some kiddish edutainment program for music beginners to play with virtual guitars using the keyboard and the mouse. Nah... maybe Creative wants to make the Live! appealing to the young as well?

Creative PlayCenter
This is one hell of a program that you would probably enjoy using for a long time. I'd found it very intuitive and powerful, and I'm using it to play every popular kind of media file and format. It'll work with your audio CDs, video CDs, .WAV files, MP3 files etc.

It'll always be there on my screen playing my audio CDs or MP3 while I surf away or edit Hardware One. It serves as a more than adequate replacement for WinAmp, CD Player, and Media Player.

Besides listening to your audio CD in its pristine form, you can choose to apply the dozens of environmental settings and VIOLA! You'll find yourself immersed in an live concert or what have you. This applies to any audio source you throw at it! Real cool!

Prody Parrot
Creative has included with their 'Voice Assist' voice recognition software this cutesy version that adds a colourful parrot to guide you. Well it made me laugh when I first launched it. A silly parrot flew all over and introduced himself as your personal assistant.

After prodding it for jokes like "You know you are a geek if you have more friends on the internet than in real life." and "As long as there are tests, there will be prayers in public schools."... I gave up. I didn't have much time to train and fiddle with it, but it was fun(ny).

SoundFont Applet
With this, you can load and remove SoundFont banks, configure instruments etc. Aside from the default 4Mb SoundFont module, you can use the 2Mb module to lower resource overhead or choose the 8Mb module to enhance the quality and realism of your MIDI playback.

Sound Graph
This applet provides a graphical representation of the frequency spectrum of the sounds that the Live! is pumping out. It used to be an embedded feature on the Mixer.

Device Control
The Device Control utility allows you to specify the number of simultaneous wave playback sessions you want to allow. The maximum is 32 and the default is 4. With this ability to play back wave sessions simultaneously, it is possible to play your favourite RPG game while playing some hot dance mix from your MP3 player (but who would ever want to do that?)

Speaker applet
What this applet allows you to do is to setup your SBLive! for various speaker configurations (headphones, 2 or 4 speakers). It also allows you to customise the panning of the various sound sources by simply dragging icons around a mock room setup.

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