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Creative Sound Blaster Live!
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Author: wilfred
Date of review: 28-August-1998
Type Of Review: Soundcards


The hype and mounting interest in Creative's latest sound card offering seemed inevitable. The entire industry is watching closely, if the giant can recoup lost grounds in the PCI 3D audio field which they had neglected for quite a while.

The company's aggressiveness can be seen with rapid product launches of the PCI64, PCI128 and finally the SoundBlaster Live! which is positioned to be the best and ultimate audio solution for gamers and music makers alike.

I had owned the Terasound A3D PCI card for barely a month before Creative announced their "revolutionary" board that was set to take the sound card industry by storm.

I wasn't really fazed by their announcement and was really happy with my A3D card. It gave me great 3D effects and had 128 software voices made available by Yamaha XG. All my games sounded great, and Unreal's support for A3D was excellent!

The price of the SoundBlaster Live! was high, highest amongst the popular cards in the market, and I can't afford to throw in another hundred of dollars to invest in a second pair of rear speakers to my existing PCWorks. I had even convinced myself that a four speaker setup in my bedroom (which houses my PC) would be impossible.

So the SoundBlaster Live! was a big no no. Then...

The Speakers Giveaway
It became almost a no brainer for many people when Creative Singapore started giving away the Cambridge SoundWorks PCWorks FourPointSurround speakers with any purchase of the SoundBlaster Live!

That would be S$359 - S$188 (approx) to give S$171! I guess they've hit the sweet spot here. I thought it was not a bad deal considering the amount of features the card has to offer.

In fact, the deal was so hot I found myself a little late at it, only to end up with a speakers redemption coupon. The local distributor, A-Zone, had to turn away people, telling them to come back end of September when they restocked their speakers. Meanwhile, they offered a special "upgrade", which for S$25, the customer can instead get 2 sets of PCWorks speakers.

I didn't buy that deal. I had already got 1 set of PCWorks at home. Some days later, I read in the newspaper's advertisement that A-Zone will be offering 2 other "upgrades" for a limited 1 day period. S$60 for 1 set of SoundWorks, or S$169 for 1 set of MicroWorks. This caught my attention as I had eyed those sets for quite a while.

So I parted with S$60 and grabbed 1 set of SoundWorks speakers.

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