16th September 2019 

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Creative NOMAD Jukebox 3 (17-Jun-2002)
Creative's range of MP3 players has just been expanded by the lastest NOMAD Jukebox 3. Sporting a 20Gig HDD and a host of features including EAX and data file transfer capabilities, its crystal clarity sound reproduction promises to be a hit.

Nexland ISB Pro 800 Turbo (30-Apr-2002)
With the proliferation of home networks on the rise, many of you will be familiar with devices like the hub, switch and the router. Yet, at the consumer level, one would be hard-pressed to find a product like the Nexland ISB Pro800 Turbo which offers surprisingly good value for only US$399.

Sound Blaster Extigy (23-Feb-2002)
Finally an external soundcard for the masses. Based on the Sound Blaster Audigy, the Sound Blaster Extigy promises to provide a more convienient and easy way to upgrade your soundcard - without opening your casing! A big hurray too for those notebook/laptop users who longed for a sound upgrade.

The Elsa Brethren: GF3 Ti200 & Ti500 (25-Jan-2002)
Elsa's dynamic duo enter the retail scene, boasting Nvidia's latest breed of chipsets - the Ti200 and Ti500. With good overclockability attesting to Elsa's quality, the two brethern are certainly no pushovers in 3D performance.

OCZ Titan 3: Top Of The Pack (06-Nov-2001)
In a bold step forward, OCZ's Titan 3 guarantees a minimum core/mem clock speeds of 215/515, more than a notch above the common reference board. Coupled with a few other embellishments, the board contends favourably for supremecy amongst all GF3 cards.

ABit BL7 RAID vs IWill P4S (02-Nov-2001)
A match-up between two i845 motherboards. Though very similar in performance, they are distinguished by features, each unique in different ways.


















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