16th September 2019 

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Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015
Happy New Year 2014!
Happy 2012 Everybody
iMod for Home Take II
iMod - Versatility for Home and Portable
Personal Audio Journey - Part III
Anthony Gallo Reference 3.1

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Links Section

Getting listed in this prestigious Links page is by invitation only. This page contains some of the best sites in the Internet. So remember not to miss them

Active-Hardware is no stranger in the IT industry. They have been around in the net for a long time and are constantly bringing us interesting reviews as well as their updated news section.

For the most up-to-date information about what's cooking at Microsoft? ActiveWindows has it all! Be it the Windows OS or other products that run on the platform, even bug fixes and security patches updates, they have it!

Well known for their in-depth reviews, comments as well as their trademark Woohoos moan, ArsTechnica is a daily news/reviews site which is a good read anytime!

Ran by one of the coolest people, CoolComputing is also a daily news site serving the Internet community, with frequently updated headline news of every imaginable sort.

CPUReview has plenty of processor reviews, and their special love for Linux spawned several reviews on the various brews of Linux.

Digital Photography Review
If you haven't visit Phil Askey's Digital Photography site, DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR, port yourself there at once! It is a world of digital cameras dedicated to the art of digital photography. Don't miss out the excellent reviews and recommendations for various models of digital cameras.

Even harder than your hottest night in town, check out HardOCP for the wackiest and funkiest reviews out in the net!

X-bit Labs
Over here you'll find our dear Russian friends writing articles longer and more detailed than your favorite encyclopedia! Can't miss them!

NT Compatible
If you have a fetish for Microsoft NT and Windows 2000, do check out NT Compatible where you can get the latest tips, updates and patches for your operating system. It's no joke - hardcore NT stuff!

The Register
Who haven't heard of The Register, the UK based website? They are choked full of interesting commentaries and gossips on the IT industry. They don't bite, unless you feed it!

A resource for PC tweak guides and hardware reviews. TweakTown is a cosy place much like your favorite hardware store. Run over and say "Hi" to Cameron Wilmot!


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