16th September 2019 

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Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015
Happy New Year 2014!
Happy 2012 Everybody
iMod for Home Take II
iMod - Versatility for Home and Portable
Personal Audio Journey - Part III
Anthony Gallo Reference 3.1

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About Hardware One

What we are
Geared by a core membership which focuses extensively on the digital domain, Hardware One is your one-stop resource for technological news, user product reviews and after hours game tidbits. With a daily updated news front, the catch of the day is just a URL and a mouse click away.

Hardware One has a keen interest to stay engaged with the computer industry and offers a forum to voice one's opinions and concerns. Technical issues are often handled by an active lot of regulars.

With a team that is young at heart and united by their religious interest in Information Technology, the readers of Hardware One are not bound by age, gender and technical proficiency.

How We Started
Hardware-One, a Singapore-based IT News and Reviews site, was started on 14 May 1998 because we, Wilfred and Kan, had too much time on our hands. Our first lease of life was granted on Singapore One to be hosted as a Special Interest Group (http://hardware.s-one.net.sg) to serve the local IT community.

The first six months had been a learning experience, where we picked up the basic robes of site management and 'webmastership'. We cannot thank you enough for the support and encouragement that kept us going, updating news and doing reviews through the nights; juggling between our real work and the virtual one. We also like to thank our whole bunch of great affiliates who stood by us, directed traffic to us and shared news with us.

Besides our faithful readers and affiliates, we have reviewers, columnists and news editors alongside Kan and myself, who played important roles to make Hardware-One unique and special. Amidst busy work schedules, they still find time to contribute and made everything here possible. What began as a small experiment gathered much momentum and before long, we decided to adventure beyond Singapore and compete with the best of the international crop.

The Hardware-One Ensemble
Here's the team at Hardware-One. Yes, if there is a need to contact our editors personally, here's how to reach us.

Wilfred & Kan (Senior Editors)
Wilfred is who he is. Resume: Acted in numerous "Free Willy" Hollywood blockbuster shows. Yup, the day he made his first Free Willy movie, he was doing his PSLE. Unfortunately, filming the show caused him to neglect his studies and so he's STILL taking his PSLE in "Free Willy XXX" (uncensored sequel)...

Most Remembered Moment: When he stuck out his finger in mid-air (don't ask which one...;P) and his Willy whale friend soared over it to the opposite side of the reef...

Traits During Speech: "Coughing" like old man. If you listen to him speak without physically looking, one just can't imagine how this Goldfish PSLE kid with a 1ct coin-sized brain, could spew out such words of wisdom...

Marketing Campaign: Stuck "Free Willy" banners + posters outside the male toilet entrances to encourage guys to "Free their Willies"....

Slogan: You free my Willy, And I free Yours!

Kan is a dynamic figure, often seen scaling walls and crushing ice.

Resume: First appeared in "The AmeriKAN Gigolo". Soon after, never looked back and tried to shy away from the public by starting up HW1. The press + female gals still hang up his underwear outside the HW1 bomb shelter hoping to catch him coming out from his humble abode...

Most Remembered Moment: During his life in the army as an Armskote Man, the chief clerks in the army oogled at him bending machine guns + tanks back into their original shapes to ensure they were zeroed.

Traits During Speeches: Perpetually "Yawning". But his supporters don't really care about his speeches do they? They just go to his talks to watch his abs ripple through his tight shirt....

Marketing Campaign: Zips around bared-bodied round estates in his Porsche shouting his slogan below:-

If you KAN't, I KAN!!

Wy Mun (Chief Reviewer)
Wy Mun is the man most girls will serve their love letters. Trained and skilled in the art of fragging, his passion for gaming makes him one of the most qualified reviewer here. After all, if anything doesn't rock, you wouldn't want it!

Yingzong (FragMaster)
Yingzong was born with a gamepad in his hand. Urrmmm, his umbilical cord (yikes!) was also the gamepad cable...

Trademark: Tears through games like Mechwarrior 3 in a mere night and trashes the living daylights out of all of us in Need For Speed races.

Current Status: Single, Avail...Not for dating (sorry girls), but for any new challenger in PC games who'll come his way.

Things You'd Never Expect: Contrary to popular belief (as his Ch-eena name implies), YingZong's most powerful language isn't Mandarin, but Engish! Also, has a soft Pet-Toy bunny who accompanies him for every UT match he plays (Poor Bunny)...

Skaven, Dracon, DryIce (Elite Programmers)

Origin: Stemming from a cross-breed between a Dragon + Racoon (And "No", I have no hint how this occured) in Dragonspire Keep, Dracon was transported to earth to inject some magical programming wizardry for the HW1 site.

Trademark: Draconians love Microsoft! But regardless of OS reliability, fact is, his programming skills will actually make the prog. perform good.

Current Status: Single, Avail...For dating, etc...And girls, Draconians are supposedly good lovers...

Things You'd Never Expect: Draconians don't need sleep (thought racoons sleep alot), with a turn-around time for prog projects within the next hour!

Origins: Hailing from the AD&D empire, Skaven has taken a sabbatical from WarHammer activities (they were too boring) to focus on more challenging, layman projects on HW1.

Trademark: The Skaven race love Linux, and hate MS! But he having cultivated a more refined nature on earth, and manages to get along with Draconians fine (with mini-squabbles along the way)...

Current Status: Not Single...I mean, he has his entire army in WarHammer to toy with!!

Things You'd Never Expect: Guess all fantasy creatures don't need sleep and he's another prime example. With an affinity for Hokkien songs (yes, he's been refined from War-cries!!), Skaven's programming expertise is unsurpassed...

Dry Ice
Origins: Some several thousand neons ago, when the earth was just created!

Trademark: Dry Ice fizzles while he programs...Strange, but somehow he's extremely resilient, as he doesn't dissipate even with extensive programming time spent in front of the PC...

Current Status: Undefined...What can you say about a transitory process between a solid and gas??

Things You'd Never Expect: Dry Ice is cool but yet a techie-geek at heart?? Not only can he melt hearts of women, but his intricate programming touch has PCs screaming for more!! Hmmm...A Man (or should I say, entity) of many facets...

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