Registeration: Registration is required for most of the forums in the bulletin board. This is not a tacky form of bulletin board administration, but a means of discouraging people from disrupting the peace of the forums through a veil of absolute anonymity. Registration is free and you are not obliged to provide your actual name. A valid email address is required, however.

Smilies: The lack of physical communication in public chat rooms has led to the birth of smilies to convey much needed emotions and nuances of expression in the virtual community. These smilies are great helpers in the expression of one's exact thoughts as distinct individuals interpret text differently. Depending on the community, the extent and way to which these smilies are used may vary as well. Use them well!

The graphical smilies used on this board are proxied by standard emoticons used on public chat channels. Simply put, popular emoticons are automatically converted into their graphical cousins. Given below is a list of emoticons/smilies accepted by this board:

:) Smile
:( Frown
:o Oh... I'm embarrassed!
:D Big grin
;) Wink
:p Razz (stick out tongue)
;p Razz
:kiss: Kiss
:shock: Shocked look
:blush: Blushing
:sleepy: Sleepy look
:blackeye: Got a blackeye
:approve: Look of approval
:suspect: Suspicious look
:shysmile: A shy smile
:evil: An evil look
dead: Dead look
:cool: Kewl!
:rolleyes: Roll eyes (sarcastic)
:mad: Grrr! I'm mad!
:eek: eek!
:confused: I'm confused!
:giggle: *giggle* *giggle*
:slurp: Slurp!
:bounce: We be bouncin'!
:monkey: Monkey faced
:giddy: Giddy... giddy...
:hot: Bouncin' hot!
:wave: *wave* *wave*
:knock: *knock* *knock*
:puke: Puke!
Using Jawbreaker Code: Several codes that alter the appearance of text is available in Jawbreaker. For example, text can be boldened for emphasis or quoted to explicitly indicate a reference to a particular piece of information. A complete list of Jawbreaker codes can be accessed via this link.

Forum Leaders and Moderators: Forum Leaders such as Editors, Administrators and Moderators control the different forums in the bulletin board. They have the authority to edit, delete, or prune any posts in the forums if it is deemed necessary. If you have a question about a particular forum, you should direct it to the forum Moderator.

Customising and Managing your Account: The buttons at the top of the page provide links to common functions needed by users during their stay on the bulletin board. Some of these buttons allow you to to customize settings for your account. The functions of the individual buttons are listed below:

The Login function logs in a user who is not currently logged in. You will be returned to the board if you have already done so.

This removes the session of the user who is currently logged in. Logging out will allow a different user to log in using the same terminal to use the board.

You can easily change the information stored in your registration profile through this button. If you have not logged in yet, you will be directed to the login screen. After successfully logging in, you can then proceed to change your registration profile by clicking on the Profile button again. You may change your email address, password, and icon among other things. Take note that you are unable to change your username personally. This can only be achieved by a request to the Administrators.

The Register function allows the user to register for an account in the bulletin board. If you're new to the board, this is the first step to take if you wish to post in the forums.

Currently, a registered user will be able to determine how many days' worth of posts will be displayed while in an active forum. This is achieved through this Preferences button and by subsequently changing the "Current Topic View" option box to the desired setting. For example, selecting "Show topics from last 30 days" will cause the browser to display a 30 day history of all posts in the board.

The search function allows the user, registered or unregistered, to search for specific posts based on their contents. However, some forums require the user to have logged in to do so. You can specify several search criteria such as forum types and subject matter. This is a good means of retrieving long forgotten posts that may hold some information of value.

The FAQ link directs you to this page.

forum home
The linkdirects you back to the listing of all the forums (i.e. the forum main page).

Cookies: The bulletin board utilises session management through cookies to record information about a registered user's logging information and preferences. As such, it is a must to enable the acceptance of cookies in the browser during your stay in the board. Failing that, you will not be allowed to post as a registered user in the forums. However, you will still be able to browse through the forums and read the posts. Some forums may allow anonymous posts and in these cases, cookies are not essential here.

Buttons in the Message Box: There is a row of buttons in each boxed post that allows the user to perform certain actions. Their functions are as follows:

This button is self-explanatory and allows you to reply to that particular post while having its contents mentioned in your reply as well. This helps in specifying the person whom you are replying to and refreheses in the minds of people the subject and content matter of your post.

This button allows you to edit or delete a message you previously posted. You can "delete" your post by removing its contents entirely but only forum Moderators are allowed to completely remove its existance.

This button opens your favourite email client so that you can directly email the person who posted that message.

This button allows you to view the profile of the user who posted that message. Take note that you must have logged in to do so. Failing which you will be directed to a login screen.

This button is reserved for Forum Leaders, Moderators and Administrators.

Forgotten your Username and/or Password? If you've forgotten your Username and/or Password, don't worry. Just click on the Login button and click on the "Forgotten your password?" link on the login page. Just provide the email address you entered during your account registration and we will email you your UserName and Password in no time!

Listing the Daily Active Topics: A visitor to the board, registered or otherwise, has the option to lists the active threads/topics for the day. Just click on the link "Click here to view Today's Active Topics (all public forums)" on the board's main page. Take note that only public forms will be searched. Private forums can only be searched by Forum Leaders, Moderators and Administrators.

The Membership System: There is a membership hirarchy in the bulletin board that identifies users based on the number of posts each user has made. The system is as shown:

Membership Status Minimum Number of Posts Number of Icons Available
Newbie 0 50
Member 50 150
Senior Member 150 300
Very Senior Member 300 500
Ultra Senior Member 1000 745
Regarding the User Icons: We have a repository of available user icons that a registered user can select. The number of icons available is based on the membership status of the user. The system is already mentioned above.